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Stress Management Workshop for College Students

Do you get stressed under pressure?


You're not alone. 77% of Americans experience physical stress symptoms on a regular basis.

With all the exams, workload, deadlines and, often, the pressure of not wanting to disappoint your family who are investing so much money in your getting a degree, this pressure can build up into a full blow anxiety attack, or debilitating levels of panic.

In this 90 minute workshop, we will identify the various stresses that you face in your life.  We will then learn and practice a number of techniques that will help you manage your stress and your emotions.


We will be doing some stretching, some mindfulness, some writing and some group discussion, and the last part of class will be a deeply relaxing, restorative practice that will have you floating out of the studio, centered, calm and relaxed. 

Grab your friends and sign up for this valuable workshop. 


Pre-registration is required.



Workshop Cost:  $20


July 28, 2019

3:00 - 4:30 pm

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