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Weight loss help

Like so many of us, you might be one who needs at least some outside accountability and extra motivation
to stick with a healthy eating/exercise program to attain a weight goal.

Lending a Helping Hand

We can help you, by offering a FREE weekly weigh-in (YIKES!!) and a cash-back motivation for your own weight goal. 


You decide on your own program to drop those pounds, and set your own goal for how much you want to lose by what date.


Say you want to drop 5 pounds in 5 weeks.  You write a check for $50; $10 per pound. 

At the end of the 5 weeks, you get back $10 for every pound you lose!! 


If that extra push helps you achieve that goal, we are happy to help!! 

We won't cash your check till the end of the goal time. 

And if, for any reason, you don't reach your goal, what ever money you don't get back,

will be put towards classes here at WTY!

Sound good?

We hope so!


Thanks for submitting!

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