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Welcome to Willow Tree Yoga, an intimate and welcoming yoga studio, nestled in the heart of Bardonia, Rockland County NY (between Nanuet & New City).


The word yoga means "union" in Sanskrit, the language of ancient India where yoga originated.  We can think of this as the union occurring between mind, body and spirit.


Taking cues from the majestic Grandmother Willow that graces the land behind the studio, we gain strength from becoming flexible, learning to dance with the winds that arise around us, avoiding the breaks that can happen when one stands rigid and unmoving. At the same time, we spread our roots wide, grounding and connecting with the earth.


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Our Philosophy


At Willow Tree Yoga, we believe that yoga is a practice that truly is for EVERY BODY.  Regardless of your size, shape, age or ability, there is a way to modify every pose in yoga, to make it accessible to everyone.

At Willow Tree Yoga, you will find a wide mix of people from all walks of life: tired & stressed moms, stiff & achy dads, athletes looking to increase their range of motion, injured people wanting relief from chronic pain, seniors looking to stay mobile & fit, people looking to become more mindful and authentic.  Whatever reason draws you to yoga, EVERYONE is truly WELCOME through our doors.

Though the full practice of yoga is eightfold (having eight different aspects of learning & approach), our weekly classes focus mainly on learning to truly listen to our bodies, so we can hear the lessons that our breath and muscles have to tell. 

We learn how to honor exactly where we are in any given moment, without comparing ourselves to others in the class or even to how we "used to be".  Accepting and honoring where we are RIGHT NOW, and working in a manner that respects what our bodies truly need, not what our minds tell us we "should" be doing.


We learn to move and breathe with awareness.  To begin to notice our unconscious patterns and habits.  And eventually, we begin to shed old patterns and discover our authentic self more and more.  It's more than meets the eye, but your body will be grateful for the gifts that yoga, conscious stretching and meditation bring.



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